Backdrops by Subject

Choose from hundreds of designs in the category of your choice below. Then, choose orientation and material desired.
Just go to this SITE and search anything (For instance "Football Stadium")
It will show you hundreds of possibilities. Copy and paste the URL and email it to us. We will let you know if it will work for the size and orientation backdrop you want. If so, once you place your order, we will buy a license for the image, have it printed and send the finished backdrop to you.

Background Materials:

Meta Cloth Material:
This material is a step up from the Heavyweight Woven Vinyl. It is actually a PVC Product as well but is much more pliable and drapes easily. It is shipped folded. It is a good, strong material that prints well and is very tough and hard to rip. Some sizes are available with a pocket, some are not. (This should be noted in the selection list. It is wrinkle resistant. Shipped folded, Printed in the U.S.

Celtic Wrinkle Resistant Backdrops:
The best material we sell. “Celtic Is a high quality tough material. It is wrinkle resistant, and prints very clearly. All sizes except the 5x7 come with a hanging pocket on the top.

Shipping note: All of the various materials above are printed to order. Please allow 4-7 days production time plus shipping time. If you need one by a certian date, we will be happy to work with you if possible. Please either email us or call us: (785) 325-2026 to discuss shipping options. Note: (we do not charge a premium for this service)

Free Material samples: We will be glad to mail samples of the materials. Just contact us with your mailing address and we will send them right out.