Photography Strobe Lighting Kits

Great lighting kits.  Very portable and there is a lot of attention to detail for this price.  Well constructed.  The bags are well padded (removable padding!!), have customizable dividers and everything fits in nicely.  The modelling lights work well and are selectable as well as the strobes.  The bulbs are rated at 500,000 actuations, which means unless you physically break the bulb you will go through 5 professional cameras before you need to change the bulbs (typical shutter box life on a 1D or equivalent canon is 100,000 actuations).  The stands have a built in spring damping system which I have never seen before.  If your light drops because you didn''t tighten the lock - no worries as the spring will cushion the impact and protect your unit.  The stands are sturdy and have a good size footprint to keep it from tipping over.