Photography Backdrops

Photography backdrops


Photo Backgrounds

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Softeez Wrinkle Free, Meta Cloth and Mega Vinyl

Studio backdrops and backgrounds. All backdrops are of the finest quality at discount prices. The muslin backdrops are all 100% cotton , hand painted or dyed. The canvas backdrops are all hand painted by our artists. The computer painted backdrops are printed on three materials at three different prices. Owen's Originals has been in the business of selling backdrops to studio photographers since 1978. If you have questions about any of our backdrops, please feel free to contact us.

A Short History of Painted Photography Studio Backdrops By Brad OwenPhoto Of Backdrop painter
(Backdrop painter circa 1800s)


My name is Brad Owen. I started out as a High School Art teacher way back in 1975. In 1978, a local portrait photographer named John Leubs approached me and asked if I had ever painted a photography backdrop. I had no clue of what he meant. He explained that backdrops were either blended color or scenic images typically painted on canvas that could be unrolled and hung in the studio behind the subject to enhance the visible surroundings thus the name "Backdrop" or "Background" . After doing some research (in the library, remember, this was pre- Internet). I found out painted backdrops on canvas had been a pretty standard item in portrait studios for many years, dating back pretty much to the advent of portrait photography. I also found that many of them were commissioned to be done by local artists. Most were highly prized as necessary tools of the trade and since they all were hand painted by individual artists, many of them helped to establish the signature "look" of well known studios as no two were ever exactly the same. Anyway, I went to Mr. Leubes studio and looked at the two backdrops he had been using. I told him I thought I could do one. He had some large canvas and some space to paint in his studio basement. I began to experiment and produced (after some trial and error) a couple of canvas backdrops John was willing to try. (Read More)