Limestone Archway Halloween Backdrop

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Usually Ships in 4 to 5 Business Days
This backdrop design is available in three materials and price ranges. Please see material descriptions below:

Background Materials:

Heavyweight Mega Vinyl: This is a new material. It is much thicker than the common woven vinyl product. It is shipped rolled and seamless. Any size with one dimension over 5 Ft. will be folded once then shipped rolled. They will have a fold line where they were folded that can easily be removed with a common hair dryer. This material prints excellent and is waterproof and washable and very tough. The surface is non glare. After use, simply roll up on a piece of pvc pipe or a cardboard tube. No rod pocket is available on this product but it is easily hung using spring clamps available in most dept stores.

Meta Cloth Material:
This material is a step up from the Heavyweight Woven Vinyl. It is actually a PVC Product as well but is much more pliable and drapes easily. It is shipped folded. It is a good, strong material that prints well and is very tough and hard to rip. Some sizes are available with a pocket, some are not. (This should be noted in the selection list. It is wrinkle resistant. Shipped folded, Printed in the U.S.

The best material we sell. “celtic” Is a tough, jersey like material. It is very similar to a jersey sweatshirt. It is wrinkle free, all sizes except the 5x7 come with a hanging pocket on the top. Be sure to watch the “celtic” Video by Tracy Kerestesh HERE

Shipping note: All of the various materials above are printed to order. Please allow 4-7 days production time plus shipping time. If you need one by a certian date, we will be happy to work with you if possible. Please either email us or call us: (785) 325-2026 to discuss shipping options. Note: (
we do not charge a premium for this service)

Free Material samples: We will be glad to mail samples of the three materials. Just contact us with your mailing address and we will send them right out.