Muslin Backdrops

High Quality muslin backdrops and backgrounds for the studio portrait photographer. We have many types and price categories for these muslin backdrops. Most are made from premium quality cotton fabric which wears very well and drapes attractively. The scenic muslins as well as the old masters and abstract are all hand painted by talented professionals, The dyed muslin products are all color fast and washable. Give Owen's Originals Muslin backdrops a try. You will not be disappointed.

Muslin Category Descriptions:

Economy Muslin:

The economy muslin are just a little lighter weight than our other muslin categories. An excellent value, they are each hand dyed to exacting specifications.

Basic Muslin:

Basic Muslins are mostly solid colors as well as a few hand painted ones.


Premium Muslin:

Premium muslin are heavier weight, excellent quality and are either dyed or hand painted


Old masters Muslin:

Old Masters Muslin are all hand painted by our artists to exacting specifications.