Sturdy Roll-Up Backdrop. Great for Cosmetic Surgeons, Dentists, Badges, or Passport Photos.

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We have been searching for a long time for a backdrop to fill this need and this one is perfect. It is sturdy, compact, and very easy to set up. It is just the right size for before and after photos up to 3/4 length for Cosmetic Surgeons, Dentists and other health professionals. it is also perfect for badge or passport photos. The backdrop material is heavyweight vinyl that will last for years. It is completely self contained in the Aluminum case. Included in the case is a support pole that is joined together so the sections are impossible to lose, Two attached feet rotate out to support the unit when extended. It is spring loaded and takes only seconds to stand up or fold down for storage. Custom colors are available. Just call (785) 325-2558 or email to find out how to order custom.

Size is 33" wide X 79" Tall