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Versalight™E The Versalight has a state-of-the-art design for professional photographers with a variety of technical requirements. Because of its versatility, it can be used as main light, a fill light, a hair light, or as the backlight for group portraits. The Versalight offers users a unique combination of innovative features: - Detachable flash tube (color-temperature corrected) with frosted glass diffuser - Continuous power adjustor with fine-setting clutches - Built-in thermostat (to prevent over-heating) - Patented stand fixture (gravity balanceable) - Optical diode indicators for power setting - Wide range built-in slave (180 degree) - Dual-locking stand adapter - Enhanced fan-cooler (for Versalight 1000/800/500 only)

CONTENTS Code Description Qty 3215 Versalight E-500 1 5013 800 Air Cushioned Stand 1 2524 24"x24" Soft Box 1 2703 Soft Box Connector 1