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GSW Green Screen Wizard Software (Download) Whether you’re an amateur photographer that wants to have some fun or a professional wedding or portrait photographer looking to expand their offerings Green Screen Wizard will add a new capability to your bag of photographic tricks. Green Screen Wizard will let you take a photo that has a green background and replace the green with any photo you want. Green Screen Wizard is capable of professional output quality. It uses a concept called Reality Integration where the foreground and background are fused together so that the foreground photo appears to be part of the over all image and not just “Pasted On”. PLEASE NOTE: THIS PROGRAM WORKS WITH GREEN SCREEN ONLY-NOT BLUE SCREEN OR ANY OTHER COLOR. (PLEASE NOTE: AFTER YOU PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT, WE WILL EMAIL A PRODUCT KEY AND LINK WITHIN 24 HOURS SO YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT TO YOUR COMPUTER.)

Full featured program, not a plug-in You do not need to buy any other software to make it work Simple User Interface Easy to use interface lets anyone use the program Controls for Exposure, Color Balance Makes it easy to match the foreground lighting and color to the background lighting and color Controls for Moving, Scaling and Rotation Allows you to move the foreground image relative to the background image Controls for giving Green Screen Wizard information on how to best remove the green Enables you to fine tune the Green Screen removal process Supports many output sizes and resolutions. Lets you choose if you want images quickly or of the highest quility Remove dark or inconsistent areas from green background This lets you use less expensive Green Screens Reality Integration Makes the final photos look more natural Coded in C++ Using C++ makes the program run very fast Supports ICC profiles

Video Transcript:

First button on the top is load foreground that would be your green screen shot. I have already got some green screen shot saved in the camera folder. Let's go ahead and select this one. As you can see here there is a lot of wrinkles and folds and shadows on the green screen that used to be a huge consideration but green screen wizard is very forgiving as far as that goes.

Normally, if you just got some wrinkles and folds it will take care of it for you. You can see the image is sideways, let's go ahead and click rotate clockwise and open. Okay, you can see the green screen has been extracted automatically. There she is again, it is the default background. Next background is - or the next button is load background. Let's click on that. On my computer I have already decompressed all of the digital backdrops on that make a DVD that comes with this package.

As you can see they are all in their own folder. If we just click on any one of them they will give us a preview over here on the right.

Let's go ahead and load this one. Okay. We can load a different one just as easy and remember you could be doing this while your customers looking right over your shoulder to pick the background that they like the best. It is just that fast. Okay, let's go with that one. We go down to the third button which is adjust image. To me the subject in this photograph is just a little bit under exposed so I am going to go to the brightness slide to brighten her up just a little bit.

As you can see you can work with the background or the foreground on any these, excellent. When you hit close it will apply the changes that you have made just like that go back to the adjust image. The rotate, you don't always use. Scale, you use quite often. There again just foreground or background is what you want to select. I selected foreground. You can make her larger or smaller with this side here and you can move her around just by moving that box then close.

Once you have got her adjusted your subject adjusted the way you like it your customer looking over your shoulder likes the background the way it is, you are ready to either save the image right here in which case you save it just to a folder on your computer just like you would any other file or in the most cases you are ready to print if you have your printer set up on location just click on print.

It has all these automatic options in this case I just divided it into two 5x7's. If the customer wants no folds here is eight 2.5x4's or if they want just one large 8x10, there is an 8x10. At that point all you need to do is hit ‘print' print the image out, give it to the customer and collect the money, that is all there is to it.

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    green screen soflware

    Posted by JOHN L BLACK JR on Jan 3rd 2018

    great item, love it.

  • 5
    Green Screen Wizard

    Posted by Ric  Magazowski on Jan 3rd 2018

    A fantastic tool to use, very simple & accurate. Well Done