FLOORZ Photo Floor Mat-FLZ2

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Floorz are a new roll up, portable. realistic floor mats especially for the studio photographer. They are printed on durable material with a non-slip back, the colors and print quality are vivid, and they wear like iron. Floorz Are lightweight, realistic, easy to clean and can be changed out in a flash They are available in 4X5 Ft., 4X8 Ft. and 60X90 Inches. (Note, it is possible to make any size by ordering multiple 4X5 or 5X8and laying them edge to edge). The other great thing about them is that you can design your own at no additional cost. If you would like to have us print a custom backdrop for you, all that is required is a .jpeg image saved as the format you choose at 72 dpi. In other words, a 4X5 ft. floor would require an image 50 inches x 90 inches at 72 dpi. If you would like to order a custom image, please call us at 785-325-2026 to order or with any questions you may have. Last but not least, Floorz are PRINTED IN AMERICA!